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As organizations look to improve the packaging of their products, more and more are turning to Display Pack, Inc.’s award winning Ecohesive™ packaging.  The packaging concept has been around for many years, but continues to gain popularity by some of the best known brands around the globe.  Ecohesive™ is a special cohesive coating developed by Display Pack.  It is used on the card for simple press and seal assembly of the package.

The Ecohesive™ packaging design has many benefits that make this style of packaging desirable for almost all product lines.  Here are some of the recognized benefits:

Environmentally friendly – Paperboard and plastic are easily separated and recycled.  Also, since Ecohesive™ is designed so that it does not need to be heat sealed, the packaging process eliminates the use of heat and consequently greenhouse gas emissions.  Ecohesive™ is made from a renewable resource making it a very sustainable choice.

Ease of Assembly – The Ecohesive™ line can be easily assembled by hand.  This allows for the ability to manage variation in product assembly as volumes increase or decrease and minimal investment for equipment and tooling. The ease of assembly makes this packaging very affordable.

Design Elements – The fold-over card design allows for full color printing on both front and back sides of the paperboard.  Ecohesive™ can be designed with either a blister or clamshell with different security and opening options for both.  Ecohesive™ can be used for “Club Pack” packaging as well.  Board types include recycled board as well as SBS.

Display Pack’s team has had an amazing track record of designing packaging that sells.  In 2012 Display Pack earned their fifth Ameristar Award in six years.  Founded in 1967, Display Pack is a company known for its commitment to finding a solution for every customer’s unique need.

For additional information or questions, contact Brian Pankratz (bpankratz@displaypack.com)